Thursday, April 2, 2009


A few things came to light this week. I've realized that I'm a great starter. I like to generate the ideas, run out and get stuff for the ideas (paint, seeds, books) and jump right in and start. And then I wallow... I let stuff sit and fester...I procrastinate and put stuff on the eternal "list" and just can't get going. And then when the frustration of not finishing eats at me enough, I jump back in and try and get done as quick as possible, without much thought, just so I can get on to the next thing.

I tried something different this morning. I've been wanting to grow some fresh herbs in this south facing window next to our table for awhile. I got the seeds, the cute little peat pots in a tray (the starter kit, since I've never started seeds indoors), watered the peat pots until they grew and got moist. The cute little peat pots have been sitting and starting to probably rot for two weeks. The frustration came to a head this morning. I didn't rush. I put on some music, sat down, was patient and planted the seeds. Basil seeds are tiny! And you're supposed to put 2-3 seeds per peat pot. Normally, I'd be in such a hurry to get done that I wouldn't concentrate on how many seeds went in the pots, I'd just stuff them in there. But, I actually got a pair of tweezers and planted the seeds right, tamped them gently down, covered them with a thin warm layer of soft peat and put them by a window for some indirect light until they germinate.

It felt good to do something well and thoughtful all the way through.


  1. Oh, we are funny - us humans. Great story E. I can relate so well. How will this experiment dictate future acts of procrastination?

  2. hmm. what a project. planting a garden. one thinks of it as a happy life giving thing...but how many activities can we really sustain well. is that why it's easy to start but not finish it all. maybe we are just better than many who just sit with the idea. hmmm. i think that i am actually going to give the list a try and see how many things could actually be followed through on...hmmm. i love your bloggggggg