Monday, February 28, 2011

2011 Who Let the Dogs Out spay - neuter clinic

2011 Who Let The Dogs Out Spay Neuter Clinic from elizabethstone on Vimeo.

My husband Jack and I went to the Bahamas again in January to volunteer for the second annual spay-neuter clinic.  As soon as we landed, I was energized, not only from the sunshine and warmth, but from doing something that feels good and right.  We were part of an amazing group of individuals who came together to help animals on the island of Exuma.  I was chief photographer but also got involved in picking animals up for the surgeries in some of the small communities.  Gas was $5.19 / gallon which made it impossible for individuals to drive their animals to the clinic and then pick them up after the surgeries.  The major economy for the island is tourism and they have been at 20% capacity the last couple of years.  You can see this down turn in the lives of the animals and the faces of the people.

For more information see this link on FaceBook and contact the Bahama Humane Society .


  1. Yea! Elizabeth! Thank you for your work here and for posting the video. Brings tears to my eyes for all the right reasons! :-)

  2. That was awesome E.
    your photos are amazing...I watched the show three are making such a difference, lucky animals.

  3. Thanks K & A! We're hoping to get an article in the Missoulian this week about the clinic.