Tuesday, July 21, 2009

what do i keep close to me?

on my wall right now, as i work on my computer:
- a red tail hawk feather

- my big project list for the next two months
- words i need to be reminded of
- ideas when i wanted to be just like maggie taylor
- a drawing of a turkey that my dad did for me in 2005, he would make one every thanksgiving

- art4all decal

- dentist reminder

- postcards that i cut from an old calendar by nick bantock (griffin & sabine guy)

- winter photographs that i still like
- three prints from digital files that i have lost
- misfit industries postcard

- application for an artist residency

- two wire bird shapes i made
- two "zine" books i made for class last year

- a note from my life coach "you are right on schedule" with a tree and a shining sun
- a card from my step daughter "life is about who you love"
- athena's christmas card

- eileen with a suitcase and paint can
- a note from marcy
- a photo from almost home, animal adoption center
- a list of books i want to make and why

i am grateful for all the gifts on my board


  1. i love this post...keep em' coming...

  2. I wish my metal board looked this good. I think I have way too much on it now that I see your inspiring one. Good job.