Thursday, November 12, 2009

just can't stop looking

the ocean still calls me as i look out my window to snow covered grasses, trees and and mountains. i've been back for two days and i'm longing for the cold wind, rain and hard sand. what draws me to the ocean? for all my ruminating about it, i think that what speaks to me the most is how clear it seems: where water meets sky. somedays, they are so alike that its hard to feel the difference between the two and some days, they are as different as cold coffee and warm brownies.


  1. love that second one (love both really) I just want to eat it. It look so available. Great colors. Your camera is so much better than mine. My camera just photographed gray and underexposed everything.

  2. I wonder if you could do companion shots of these in your current environment. You may have to drive east a bit to get the flat horizon, but it seems the color tones might be similar. I love the softness, the overexposure, the colors.

  3. wow.just can't stop looking is right. at your photographs of oceans. i like susanna's idea. can you capture this essence and feel in your own landscape? i want to eat the first one. like vanilla bean ice cream.