Monday, November 30, 2009

"Wood Cuts" show at the Catlayst

Here's my postcard for my upcoming show at the Catalyst Cafe in Missoula, Montana for the month of December. I'll be posting all the images here on my blog on Friday when the show opens.

The show revolves around recycling and reusing. I've created two collections of imagery that center around the concept of "wood cuts".

One collection involves old slide photographs of tree silhouettes that I have reversed in black and white to mimic the spareness and beauty of an actual wood cut print. The other collection is created by cutting and pasting. I've enjoyed cutting and pasting since I was a kid when I would glue macaroni to cardboard to make pictures for my mom. For this show at the Catalyst, I've taken old photographs and test prints that have been gathering dust in boxes for many years and cut them up and pasted them to create new visual landscapes. The process has been new and challenging for me. Each piece is unique and one of a kind.

Check back on Friday to see all the art if you can't make the opening at the Catalyst.


  1. Really wish I could be there, E. This is such a cool concept. I can picture it now and I know that it's going to be everything else you do. Good luck!


  2. Your show was great happy that you did it just the way you did the images you created from images the frames fit the images them...and you sold so many! one of a kind, I guess gives the customer a little pressure ...heehee good job