Saturday, October 23, 2010

On the way

I was awarded an artist in residency at Acadia National Park for two weeks, October 23-November 6th. The excitement and anticipation have been bubbling and rumbling since I received the news earlier this year.  I flew in to Albany to visit my mom and then headed up to Maine.  Yesterday I stopped at the Maine Wildlife Park to work on my Captivity series.  Every time I cry.  I try and be open minded about what each wildlife park and zoo is trying to accomplish.  But when I see a bald eagle that is in a cage too small to extend its wings for more than a moment of flight, or two barred owls characterized as shy and solitary on the information sign displayed in their pen on tree limbs with no place to hide, I question the park's role as stewards and protectors.  The park grounds are spacious for picnic groups and concerts but I am continually surprised at the size of the enclosures, a bobcat pacing back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

Golden Eagle behind glass




Barred Owls

Red Tail Hawk


  1. E - i just love this series. so in line with what is important to you, but different. i remember the last time i went to a zoo, over a decade ago now, and vowed to never go back. it is a fine line between protecting and preventing, isn't it? please keep sharing these beautiful but somber images!

  2. Wonderful work Elizabeth. Their misguided ideas has turned these wonderful creatures into shadows. heartbreaking.

  3. I love these lovely.